How Kids Can Be Motivated to Play the Piano

There are a lot of parents who try to motivate their children to play the piano or at least other instruments but they end up losing because some children are just stubborn. It is true that kids cannot be expected to like music especially when you do not understand why they have to like it. Truthfully, you cannot expect a child to understand that he/she will be better in math when she starts to learn how to play an instrument. The child will probably think that your argument is invalid.

If in case kids’ piano lessons are not doing much for your children, you can think of other ways to make kids motivated like never before.

  • Take kids to musical concerts

There are times when kids would need to be visual first before they can use their other senses. If you would show kids how great pianists can play because of their obvious skill in playing the piano, they may become motivated to do the same.

  • Hire the right teachers.

It is not a good idea to just hire the very first teacher that will offer piano lessons for your children. Perhaps you may want to check out piano teachers from The Happy Pianist so that you can be sure that you will only be hiring teachers that are highly skilled in their craft and at the same time will have the right temperament that will work well for your unmotivated children.

  • Take note of the musical style of kids.

Although some kids may not realize it, they usually develop a love for certain types of music at an early age. When they are already happy with playing the piano, you may want to encourage them to try learning the songs that they like. There is always a bigger chance that they would like to play the songs so they will exert more effort into learning more.

  • Give rewards from time to time.

Let us say that kids have performed in a recital and were particularly good even if they are not really happy about it, you can give them a reward of something that they want so that they can associate playing the piano with something that can be considered as positive. This might help them become more motivated in the long run.

You may learn more about motivating kids to learn how to play the piano from here:

Ultimately, once your kids learn the basics, you may want to consider asking your kids if they want to continue. Some children may decide to continue, some would stop and some would request to learn a new instrument. Be ready for these things.

The Relation of Art and Mathematics

For a lot of artists and those who are more inclined to their creative side rather than their logical side might sometimes look at math like as if it is something that should never be learned. A lot of people dislike math but the fact cannot be denied that it is something useful.

The basic concepts of math can always be used for the different activities that people plan to do in the future and to the surprise of some artists, they will later realize that they also use math whenever they are working on their artworks.

It is highly important that kids at an early age discover that they do not hate math. Usually checking out Learning Out of the Box Facebook will allow parents to realize that they can let professionals teach children how math can truly be useful. Searching for the right math tuition centre Singapore can be easy if some factors are considered such as the accessibility of the place and the amount that needs to be paid.

Here is an example of how math is used in art: 

Math Used in Early Paintings

There was a time when painters used to refer to math grids to make sure that their subjects will be right where they would like them to be placed. Up to present time, this is still being done by other painters. They know that the proper positions can make or break the paintings that they are doing.

Art Makes Use of Patterns – Which is Math Related

Kids usually make use of patterns and they learn what patterns are at an early age. Some adults may think that they have learned about patterns first in their art class but this is not true. Usually, patterns come from math. This is similar to the exercises that math teachers usually give regarding the shapes will come next in a certain sequence.


Symmetry is something that is highly important in art although there are times when some things are truly made asymmetrical mainly because of the concept or the main goal of the artist but of course, where is symmetry first learned again? It is not through art but also through math where shapes are usually shown to students and they can decipher if the shapes are symmetrical or not.

Do remember that there are always different things to know about math and it does not mean that just because you are an artist, you will be uninterested in this subject.

Picking Out the Right Lights for Your Home

Do you know that lighting is very powerful? There are a lot of things that lights can actually affect. For instance, you may not be able to sleep better when the lights are turned on especially if you tend to be a light sleeper. At the same time, your brain power may also be affected by the lights that you have at home. Knowing these details, you would want to make sure that all of the lights of your home are correct for all of your different needs.

If in case you are having trouble with making a decision, here are some things that you have to remember:

  • Make sure that you know the function of the room – If you are going to entertain guests in a room, would you like the lights to be ambient or bright? You have to consider this so that you will know what to search for. The best option may be to have lights that can be dimmed down so that you can brighten it whenever you need to and change it up again when you are alone.
  • Get to know the different types of lights. Ambient, task and accent lights are just the three you have to consider. Task lights are meant to be used for specific parts of the house but accent lights should be used for different areas of your home that you would like to highlight so they will be noticed more. Ambient light will act like your home’s natural light.
  • Remember to pick out lights per room and not for the whole house. Even if your led lights Singapore supplier may be offering a discount if you would purchase a lot of lights immediately, make sure that you will pick out lights depending on the room of your house first. This will make it easy for you to pick out a theme for the room ahead of time.
  • Consider the different types of lights that are available. You may want to pick out LED because this is known to be the most energy efficient but if you are concerned about design, you can always check out other light options but you can be sure that even if LED lights are expensive, they can last longer. If in case you need more details, check this out for proper information:

With all of the details that are mentioned above, you can surely have the right lights perfect for your needs to be installed at your own home.