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Welcome to our website, TheatreNewington.org.

When you arrive, you may wonder what our website is about. With a short writeup, we like to introduce you to our committee of writers who gathered here to share more about arts, play, music, and anything about performances.

Newington is a the place where the 3 of us met. It is in New South Wales, Australia, and this is the state where we gathered when we are studying in Australia for our degrees.


After our graduation, we want to do something to get us together and promote arts, music, and plays that we love. We also want to share our passion that we share in our school days with others.

And that is why you have the word ‘Theatre’ in our website name.

Three of us have been on stage performances since the age of 10, and we are not stranger to theatre settings. However, many people thought that arts are just something to earn extra money, by selling tickets. Yes, no doubt there are ticket sales, but art and performances are more than just money. And this is why we need to educate more people on this area

You can read more about us here.


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