Ways to Improve on Your Oil Painting Skills

There is a big chance that you have always loved to paint and as much as possible, you would like to express yourself through painting. There will be times when you will be inspired to work because you have seen something that has caught your eye and then other times, you reach a point wherein you cannot find any inspiration at all.

Do you know that aside from the inspiration that will allow you to make any sort of art, you may also create other things that will allow you to improve on your oil paintings? If you are curious to make sure that your oil paintings will become better than usual, here are some things that you ought to remember:

  • You may start to see an improvement with your paintings if you would use better art materials. If you have just started out, you may still be using a starter kit that has materials that are considered mediocre as compared to other art materials that people are using. Remember that the quality of the oil painting will be better this way. From the paint, paintbrush and paper, you can be sure that you will have something that looks amazing.
  • You would have to improve on drawing as well. It is not enough that you know how to paint. You would have to sketch the painting that you will do first. If you would not do this, your painting will become one big mess. You need to have a sketch that will allow you to do the things that you have to do.
  • Paint every day. If you can and if you are truly passionate about this, you have to make sure that you will paint every day. When you paint as often as you can, you will get to know how to hold the brush properly and how you can create the numerous strokes that are needed to help you out with the things that you have to do.

You can get to know more on how you can improve on your oil painting from here:

There is a big chance that you will start seeing some improvements with your oil painting as you progress when you pay attention to detail and as you get to learn more about the various tips and tricks on improving your oil painting. Do not hesitate to learn more because you might be surprised with the things that you will be able to do in the long run.

Becoming Flexible at Yoga

CaptureOne of the biggest misconceptions of people is they assume that the moment they start doing yoga, they will automatically become flexible. It usually does not happen overnight. There is a chance that you will become more flexible eventually especially if you practice often but if you do not do anything, you will not achieve anything out of it as well.

You may think that you cannot do yoga especially if you have seen so many yoga practitioners doing some positions that you know you cannot do at present time but you have to remember that there are always very basic yoga positions that every beginner can do. With the use of these very basic and very easy to follow tips, yoga can be a fine thing to accomplish.

Try this out to see and feel the difference:

Here are some of the very basic things that can help you out in yoga:

  1. Take Deep Breaths

One of the things that we often forget when we are going through with our daily lives is taking deep breaths that will allow our bodies to become more nourished because there is more energy that can power up the rest of the body’s organs. Take deep breaths and the different yoga positions will be easier to do.

  1. Follow the Real Positions of Yoga

There are some people who are not effective in doing yoga classeson their own probably because they are unable to do the proper positions needed to do yoga properly. Doing yoga entails people to follow the traditional movements and postures otherwise; its benefits will not be received.

  1. Your Health Condition

If you have certain health conditions which you feel may be hindering you from doing yoga properly, you can look for videos that are specifically made for people with your condition. Always remember that everyone can do yoga so the chances are high that you can still do a certain practice. Reaping the benefits of yoga is always possible.

Do remember not to make the mistake of over thinking what you are going to wear for your yoga in Singapore class. You have to remember that you just have to keep your clothes simple. What you have to focus on are the things that you would like to think about. You have to make sure that you will be able to reach a deep level of thinking since this will help you get in touch with your inner self and your soul.

With all of these things in mind, you are going to achieve the benefits of yoga in a simple manner.

How to Study Properly

CaptureThere is a possibility that you are having some trouble studying. It does not matter whether you are a child, you are in high school or you are already studying in a university; there are different things that you ought to do in order to study properly. You can always learn different things about life in general so you have to pay special attention to the things that you ought to learn.

Not a lot of people are born with a love of studying. A lot of people had to work hard in order to get into the hobby of studying properly. You may have to make a little bit of effort so that you can do well. You do not need to check out lower secondary math tuition in order to know how you can study properly although you may need the help of professionals at times so that you can study well.

Here are some study tips that you have to remember:

Here are some of the tips that you have to do in order to study properly:

  1. Listen well to the lessons that you have in class. There is still a difference when you listen to your teacher or professor. You will get to learn a lot more that way. You will also know what you have to study when you get at home. You do not need to ask your classmates anymore for details regarding your lessons.
  2. Study Your Notes. It will be better for you if you would study your own notes because it will be easier for you to figure out what you have to memorize. Most likely, the things that will appear on your tests and projects will be reflected through your notes.
  3. Study More if You Have Tests. While it is only normal that you will study every day after school, you would have to study more if you have tests and homework that you ought to do. Make sure that you will make studying a hobby because you can absorb things faster that way.
  4. Take Rests. It will be important for you to rest from time to time to give your mind ample time to recover. Make sure that you will recover well so that your mind can pick up more information
  5. Ask for Help. If in case you are unable to study well on your own, you can check out Brain Matter so that you can be sure.

With these things in mind, it will be easier for you to study better and eventually make studying a very useful hobby in the future.

How An Argumentative Essay Can Be Written Well?

I have already read this blog post and I find it interesting. The original can be found here How to Write an Argumentative Essay. If you want to find out more about  singapore english tuition  and  Better English Tuition  then enjoy reading.

“Nothing is as frustrating as arguing with someone who knows what he’s talking about.”- Sam Ewing

An argumentative essay requires the writer to delve into the depths of a particular issue, collect evidence from different sources and make judgement based upon scientific facts and truths rather than emotion.

You can write well for your argumentative essay in secondary school English or even General Paper, if certain steps are followed.  Follow the steps below to learn how to write a good and persuasive argumentative essay:

Choose a Specific Topic

Find a topic which you find interesting and worth looking in to. First of all obtain basic knowledge about the said topic and then research into the depth. Collect as much data as you can from reliable and valid sources.

Keep in mind that you may have to change your opinions about the subject at hand because you may find lots of new information. Study the arguments stated by both sides and choose which you find most appropriate. 

Write down your thesis. The thesis is the main argument that you will be making throughout your essay.

Write down your thesis in a clear and concise sentence and use this for reference. Your entire essay should circulate around the thesis.

Study both Perspectives

 You cannot make a good argument just by studying one-sided arguments. Look at the issue at hand from both perspectives. 

Make a list of arguments from both sides. Study these arguments. Decide which side is more convincing. Consider the audience at hand. Picture them to be a panel of judges. Choose the arguments most suited to the situation. Think how your audience would feel about these.

Face the Facts

Don’t base your judgements upon emotion or morals. Your argument should be supported by scientific facts. Study expert opinions about the topic and use them in your essay. Don’t pretend to be an expert if you aren’t one. 

Use scientific evidence, statistical data and scholarly articles. You can also use quality journalistic reports. 

And don’t forget to cite your sources in your essay. You can use footnotes or endnote but you can also try to mention some sources within the text.

Write the Essay

Start your essay by giving a strong and brief introduction of the topic at hand. Then discuss two arguments which are being debated. And then present your point of view. State your point of view clearly.

Then explain you arguments one-by-one. Separate the essay into paragraphs. Each paragraph should describe one argument which supports your thesis. Start the paragraph with an introduction to the argument and conclude it in such a way that the transition to the other argument seems natural. 

To read more go to  How to Write an Argumentative Essay.

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Public Speaking and the Arts

You might think of p123ublic speaking as something that only politicians can do especially when you see them on television seemingly talking with each other about various things. If you are a big observer, you have probably realized that there are some people who are naturally good at public speaking. This means that they are able to become articulate in speaking, say what is on their minds and at the same time, remain relatable.

Not all people are gifted in public speaking. More often than not, people clam up when it is their time to speak. Some people end up with having a dry mouth and a blank mind. They usually cannot remember what they ought to say. The fact that you are reading this right now means that you are interested in Singapore public speaking and you would like to learn more on how you can do it from Benjamin Loh.

If you would check out some of the articles about public speaking, there are usually so many rules that people are required to follow but think about it, if you would like to follow the rules, don’t you think that these rules will make you more nervous than ever? There is even a danger that you will sound robotic and unnatural. There is a chance that you will not get the type of response that you are expecting to get.

You have to remember that public speaking is an art. When you think about art, what do you usually think about? Art is usually something that comes naturally to artists. Artists usually work without stopping because they are inspired to do what they feel they would like to portray.

This is the same with public speaking. You should know what you are supposed to say and you just have to make sure that you will be yourself. More often than not, when you are more natural, more people will find you more personable and undoubtedly, easier to relate to than other personalities who come off too strong for their liking.

You can get presentation skills when you do public speaking. Here are some of the tips that you have to follow to make sure that you understand that public speaking is an art:

  • Find Your Own Voice – You have to make sure that you know what you are talking about. Even if you know a lot of high fallutin words and you know how to use them, they will not make sense if you are not sure about what you are talking about.
  • Be Authoritative Yet Human – You have to make sure that you will be able to say what is on your mind and let other people understand why you feel so strongly about the topic but at the same time, show them that you are just like them so that they will understand your cause and what you are aiming for.
  • Be Authentic – You should not pretend to be someone else. Even if you have watched someone who has done public speaking and you admire how he/she did it, you have to remember that you have your own style and in the end, it is your own style that will matter the most.

Public speaking is an art that people seem to forget about at times but with the help of Professional Coach Benjamin Loh, it will be easier to do all the things mentioned above.

Here is a video about public speaking:

It refines discipline and patience.

Learning an instrument trains your children about delayed gratification. The violin, for instance, has quite a steep learning curve. Before you can make a single sound, you must first learn how to hold the violin, how to hold the bow, and where to place your feet.

Playing an instrument teaches your children to persevere through hours, months, and sometimes years of practice before they reach specific goals, such as performing with a band or memorizing a solo piece.

Furthermore, group lessons, in which students learn to play the same instruments in an ensemble, also improve patience, as children must wait their turn to play individually. And in waiting for their turns and listening to their classmates play, kids learn to show their peers respect, to sit still and be quiet for designated periods of time, and to be attentive.

It cultivates social skills.

Music lessons in group setting also encourage your children for team work which in turn helps developing their social skills, a crucial skillset to have in society. Group lessons actually require peer interaction and communication, which encourage teamwork, as your children must collaborate to create a crescendo or an accelerando. If a player is playing too loudly or speeding up too quickly, he will need to adjust.

It’s important for children to know and understand their individual part in a larger ensemble, Alvin says. Strings Singapore offers general violin and cello music education classes, in which teachers will group the students into groups and assign each child a role in the strings ensemble.

suzuki violin teacher

Which Music Lesson Should I Choose?

After knowing the benefits of picking up an instrument for your children, I believe your mind have another question, so which music lesson should I choose?

Ultimately, the instrument you and your child choose should depend on a number of factors. Here’s a list of questions to consider before bringing home a new music maker:

  • Is your child excited about the instrument? Does she like the way it sounds and feels?
  • Is the instrument too challenging or is it not challenging enough (for both you and your child)?
  • Can you afford the instrument and the maintenance that comes with it?
  • As a parent, do you like the sound enough to listen to your child practice it for hours at home?
  • Is your child specifically interested in a particular music style?
  • Does your child’s temperament match the instrument?

While there are no one quick way to determine which instruments is the best for your kids, but many music teachers do agree that it’s hard to go wrong with the piano, percussion, guitar, or violin. Feel free to let Newingtons know your thoughts!

Are you inspired by The Piano Guys, that you want to learn how to play the piano?

The Piano Guys are awesome. If you don’t know who they are, then I think you haven’t use the internet for a long long time. Just like Lindsey Stirling, they are famous musicians who gained their fame from YouTube. Nah, they are not people who come up with funny pranks or speak nonsense and get their fame from there.

They are true musicians who bring music to wherever they go!

piano guys

After watching The Piano Guys concert, there’s a feeling that many people are going to be inspired to learn the piano. Even adults who have stopped learning the piano when they are young, suddenly want to pick up piano again! If The Piano Guys are not enough to inspire you to pick up piano again, here’s are some benefits why you should learn piano again!

First, people who can play musical instruments are remarkable. They can create beautiful melodies and rhythms that are music to our ears. Music, according to Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. It can give us comfort, motivation and even spirit.

The feeling of listening to music and the feeling of playing the music doesn’t have much of a difference. But there are some things that you can benefit out of playing that you cannot obtain through listening.

One of the most popular musical instruments I know is the piano and I have known a lot of benefits that you can obtain out of playing it. This includes the enhancement of brain functions, the boost of self-esteem, the betterment of one’s social skills and the benefit of having a private emotional outlet.

Researchers say that playing piano have a huge impact to our brain. Therefore, it develop coordination in both mind and muscles that improved one’s hand-eye coordination and allows the full use of both left and right side of the brain. Playing piano or playing any other musical instruments just have the same benefits.

According to an article of from the Telegraph online magazine, “New research suggests that regularly playing an instrument changes the shape and power of the brain and maybe used in therapy to improve cognitive skills.” You can watch the video below to have a deeper and more scientific explanation of what I am saying.

TED Talk on playing an instrument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0JKCYZ8hng&spfreload=10

Playing piano also boosts our self-esteem. As humans it is important for us to have a healthy and positive self-esteem because this gives us courage to try new things and the power to believe in ourselves.

We can boost our self-esteem by playing the piano in such a way that it makes us feel satisfied and proud of ourselves that we can make other people happy by producing good music.Self-esteem and social skills are just interconnected. The more we are confident with ourselves, the more it is to have confidence to socialize with other people. By playing piano, we can also join bands and orchestras. This way we can gain more friends and establish a lifelong friendship.

Lastly, playing piano can provide you a private emotional outlet. Sometimes, we can feel sad and lonely and talking about it with our friends won’t comfort us. So, we just have to seat right next to the piano and start to play music about what we feel. Like what my friend Joshua said “When nothing else soothes, sitting at the piano and letting my fingers express the intensity of my wordless emotion heals my heart and mind.”

Letting our feelings out is healthy. It helps us cope up with our daily problems and different issues in life. So, if you do know how to play the piano and you only see it as one of your hobbies think about these benefits. You should realize and remind yourself that you have more great reasons to play.

If you are keen to take a step to learn the piano, then this is probably the right time. You can find good piano teachers in Singapore quite easily using online. You can send in your request to tell the teachers what you want to learn, and how you want to progress. Because as you can see, learning an instrument brings you more benefits and adds more to your life!

Alright, go start now, and let’s have a great music journey together!


What’s so great about Lindsey Stirling?

If you don’t know who Lindsey Stirling these days, people will look at you and say “Do you know what YouTube is?”

lindsey-stirlingIt is now the time where people can get famous on YouTube, shooting videos, doing talk shows, and of course, record music covers! This is how Lindsey Stirling got her breakthrough in music. She was just a typical violinist and can play fantastic tunes. However, she is just normal. As we know in art, normal is never good. If you want to be good, you have to stand out.

And that’s how she stood out! She is not just a violinist. She can dance, while playing the violin! Yes, I repeat, she can DANCE while holding the violin, and PLAYING the song out! Now, that’s what I can say is great about her. And this is how she charmed her audience world wide with her dance steps and beautiful music, on stage, and on YouTube records.

If you haven’t watched any of her videos, then you must. Now, this is free on her YouTube. (Warning: Once you start, you can’t stop!)

Lindsey’s videos have hit records after records, and she has millions of subscribers now on her YouTube channel.

Lindsey also came to Australia for her concert, and without surprise, her concert is full house. I didn’t know there are so many of her fans in Australia alone. I’m one of her fans, but I just watched all her videos on YouTube, and that’s all. I didn’t even know any of my other friends who enjoys her video.

(She’s coming back to Australia again!)

If there’s something that I like about Lindsey, is her hardwork and perseverance. And this is important to us artists who want to make it in the big scene. When she was kicked out of America Got Talent, people laugh at her, her judges laugh at her and said she will hardly make it, as not everyone will enjoy her style of music.

But guess these judges were wrong. The public bought it. I bought it.

What can Lindsey teach us artists?

1. Audience is the judge

Art is very subjective. One person may say she is amazed by your fantastic dance, but another person may say you are doing the wrong way. So who is right? The only way we know, is by the response we get from our audience. One judge’s comment doesn’t ascertain our performance. Afterall, we don’t just perform for one person. We perform for people who want to see us perform, and we do a great performance for them.

2. Be creative

As we progress in our dance performance, we have to branch out of the traditional way of doing things. Just like Lindsey, no body believes one can move around playing the violin. Because if you attend orchestral performance, musicians always stay in one place – they sit down, and don’t even stand up until the performance is over!

3. Don’t give up! 

If you are in our sphere long enough, you will receive lots of praises, but also lots of criticism. Nothing is sweet here. People may just slam your performance for nothing. You can let their comments drown you down, or you can pick yourself up, learn from the comments, and become better. Lindsey become better and prove the judges wrong. We artists should do the same!

Let me end off this post with this short clip, on the Rise of Lindsey Stirling.

Cool Artistic Furniture That You Want For Your Office!

Today, let’s stray a little bit out of our usual art topics. Nah, we are not shifting the focus on our blog. It just so happen that I chanced upon this article on Bored Panda about super cool offices.

At first when I read the headline, I thought, how much coolness can you give to an office, other than the world famous Google office? However, I was wrong! I was really amazed by some of the other offices in the world! Forget about just the design. Some of the office furniture, tables, chairs are simply too ‘cool’. If you are a new-gen guy like me, you will be blown away too.

Let’s enjoy some of the offices.

Google. (Who else?)



google office

Invention Land Design Factory

invention-land-design-factory-office invention-land-design-factory



Are these offices considered art and design?

You see, we have never worked in such cool offices before. If you want to compare it to my own art college, I can say we can compete the layout, design, art work, cool furniture with them. But that doesn’t matter. What it amazes me is that you don’t have to be an art college to have artistic workplace!

Hold on, there are more cool furniture that you must see. If you must, get them for your office! What about us people here who have a plan to start a drama or theatre company in the near future? Sure, we may want to have these cool chairs in our office too, since we are ‘artist’ too!

You see how they move the table away to create space, and slot it back so that you can have your dining table back? Look at how they ‘modify’ the chair into something that you can do without, but when you need it, you just need to flip it up?

There are many more really cool stuffs out there (other than our own stage) that we should explore and see how much we miss out in the world. Overall art is not just about ‘watching a musical or a play’. It can be part of our daily lives, on how we apply them to live better, stay comfortable, and be like these cool offices, impress people.

Meanwhile, if you are keen to check out cool furniture, you can visit the facebook page on Office Furniture here!

The Value of Art


The culture of any place is highly influenced by the art form practiced in the area. Art can be of any form; Painting, Music, Dance or Theater. Though art is an integral part of our everyday life, it is not easy to appreciate it enough.

You must learn to recognize the quality work. Not everyone can understand the beauty. You need to spend time listening to music, watching drama, visiting art galleries, going to opera shows to start enjoying it deeply.

You should also choose any form of art which appeals you most and start practicing it. Some people see it as a waste of time thinking that it has no benefit at all. But, such people are simply ignorant about the benefits behind appreciating and practicing art.

They should learn more about it. It does not matter whether you indulge in art as an artist or an art lover, both are equally enchanting. Make it your hobby. The more you indulge in your hobby, the less you think about worries
in your life. Appreciating art is similar to falling in love with someone. It makes you happier.

It makes you feel good. We all know, a happy heart resides in a healthy body. So, isn’t it a miracle that you can be healthier just by looking at great art like those of Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Von Gogh etc.. Art appreciation is in fact a well-established way of healing. Watching and/ or participating in theater is
another way to nourish your mind and soul.

The world is full of imposing and beautiful theatres.

The Seebühne (floating stage) juts into the Austrian waters of Lake Constance, and is the most dramatic setting for performances at the Bregenz Festival.


Venice’s La Fenice theatre staged world premieres of operas by Rossini, Donizetti and Verdi.

The Fox Theatre, Detroit, uses a blend of African and Asian motifs – called as “Cambodian Gothic”

The futuristic, curvaceous Guangzhou Opera House in southern China simply stands out. What can you use to describe this magnificent stage you see below?


Cornwall’s Minack Theatre was constructed at the end of a garden in Porthcurno to stage productions put on by local players

The Winter Garden is one of the last remaining stacked Edwardian theatres, constructed seven storeys above the Elgin Theatre in Toronto, Canada

Sydney’s Opera House visible from the ocean as well as from the bridges, it is one of the most iconic opera houses of the modern age.

And this is Dream Theatre from Boston Opera House:

There are many more such alluring and magnificent theatres in the world. All these countries represent different continents but they all have one thing in common; the love for art.

There cannot be a better way than a good opera show to relax yourself, to get rid of all the negative energy. Enjoy a really good
show and feel the difference in your life.